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Compliance with the law, regulations, statutory provisions,
self-regulatory codes, ethical integrity and fairness, is a
commitment and duty of Kerry Project Logistics.

In its business and corporate activities, Kerry Project Logistics has developed an organisation, management and control system which enshrines transparency, honesty and fairness which complies with competition protection rules.
Its documents and procedures lay out the faults and detrimental conduct connected to the group’s administration responsibility which
would be legally punishable.

Kerry Project Logistics has required all its vendors to follow its code of conduct as part of the Qualification Process.
Sustainable development is the key factor of our strategy to ensure long term growth and value creation through effective Stakeholder involvement.
It is mirrored in the company’s principles, policies, processes, actions and behaviours.
We plan our activities with respect for people and the environment. Kerry Project Logistics is an equal opportunity employer.