Our Offer

Industrial Project and Re-Supply Logistics

From genesis up to de-commissioning, through the highly critical construction phase, Kerry Project Logistics supports all phases of the project life.

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Over the years we have gained a reputation for transporting project cargo over landlocked and rough terrain. Besides freight forwarding, we offer warehousing and pre-shipment inspections, post order expediting, site surveys, feasibility studies and engineering services. We provide pre-project phase consultancy as part of Kerry Project Logistics' value-added services.

Clients rely on our expertise and experience to develop strategies and innovative solutions from the project’s early stages. This enables integration with our customer’s tendering, project, procurement and logistics teams.

During the operational life of the asset, Kerry Project Logistics assists our customers with sometimes highly complex supply chain management related to the ongoing repair and maintenance spares, required to ensure production continuity.

Over the years, Kerry Project Logistics has gained a lot of experience in handling this re-supply logistics.