Project & Re-Supply Logistics Solutions

Supply Chain Optimization

Supply Chain Management

Kerry Project Logistics’ tailored transport solutions meet the multiple specific requirements of our customers.

Supply chain management

Organization as Lead Logistics Provider

Kerry Project Logistics’ dedicated teams assemble and manage in-house resources, capabilities and techniques alongside complementary service providers to deliver end-to-end supply chain solutions.

Benefits to all parties:

  • Planning and anticipation,
  • Smooth communication and information flow,
  • Full visibility,
  • Hassle-free management of any critical issues

These solutions are specifically designed to meet the expectation from our project customers, as well as our global accounts who entrust us with their global re-supply operational maintenance and repair equipment.


Visibility and Traceability Tool : VBO

Our Virtual Buying Office (VBO) solutions provides our customers with complete supply chain visibility, control and flexibility from origin to destination.

It extends the traditional focus to cover upstream visibility from PO inception, vendor and carrier booking to cargo delivery to port and airport.

Its high customization capability and add-on functions allow us to meet the specific requirements of each customer, and provide seamless communications among all parties – shippers, consignees, customs agents and suppliers – on a single platform.

Features and benefits of our visibility & traceability tool (VBO):

PO Upload
ensures data is aligned for all stakeholders
Vendor Reminder
ensures suppliers are booking on time without manual reminders
Late Booking Report
helps to manage late bookings
Vendor Booking
gives early visibility of orders - on time and in full
Planned Schedule Update
gives early visibility of orders - on time and in full
Booking Exception Report
helps to manage bookings by exception only
Discrepancy Approval
helps to communicate stop/go decisions to
stakeholders for exceptions
SO Release
controls process flow based on stop/go
decisions from customer
Shipment Status Report
collates all live shipping data onto a single report
a single platform to obtain key documents
Shipment Visibility
a single point to get tracking information
Reports and Gadgets
a single source of summary data for supply
chain management