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Kerry Project Logistics offers bespoke solutions for customer
requirements using a fourth party logistic approach (4 PL).
As a unique information provider, Kerry Project Logistics analyses, coordinates and manages the supply chain project from PO awards to vendor inspection.

This brings several advantages for all parties involved in the process:
A smooth communication and information flow
Long term supply chain plan support
An integrated global view of the project
Hassle-free management of any critical issues

A dedicated project team, managed by one of our senior project logistics experts, is deployed with a 24/7 availability to meet project
requirements during the execution phase.

The Chain

A 4 PL provider is a supply chain integrator that assembles and manages resources, capabilities and techniques of its own organisation alongside complementary service providers to deliver a comprehensive supply chain solution.

4PL, 3PL Forwarder, Carriers & Operators
Customer, 4PL, 3PL Forwarder

Integrating these functions results in information flow and communication simplification and eases long-term logistics activity planning:
Clients have a clear view of “what, when and where” the materials will be shipped from.

Expediters will have a clear view of the Freight Forwarding requirements and milestones and can prioritise critical items and materials.
This will benefit the site feed schedule and expedite Freight Forwarding and Custom Clearance documentation.

Supply chain management